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Welcome to eyemovementresearch.com

The original aim for this internet resource was to provide a no-frills, one-stop-shop primarily for links to academic, peer-reviewed research coming under the broad umbrella-term of human eye movements.

This has proved to be a very hard task given the broad aim, however we hope you find, within these pages, that the first step towards achieving this goal has been in the right direction.

Now your help is needed to ensure that all corners of the world are included, and all fields of research are explored so that this can be a useful, informative, and educational resource for anyone interested enough to explore its pages.

eyemovementresearch.com should complement existing vision science sites (e.g., visionscience.com). There will inevitably be some overlap but if you wish to suggest a link then please ensure that eye movements are a core feature of the work or resource you wish to bring to the attention of this community. Thank you.

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