2nd Call for Papers: EyeTrack Australia Conference 2012

Matt Eliot posted the 2nd Call for Papers on the Eye Movement Mailing List:

ETA2012: Inaugural EyeTrack Australia Conference
ETA2012 Symposium on EEG and Eye Movement Co-Registration

  • May 31st – June 1st 2012
  • CQUniversity Australia
  • Noosaville, QLD, Australia
  • www.cqu.edu.au/eyetrackaustralia


EyeTrack Australia 2012 is the first Australasian conference devoted exclusively to cross-disciplinary eye movement research. By bringing together leading researchers from academia and industry, this conference will support collaboration and knowledge building both within the Australasian eye-tracking sector and the larger global community. The conference committee is pleased to announce that a number of national and international scholars using eye-tracking and user experience methodologies will present cutting edge keynote presentations.

Important Dates 2012

  • 1 March: Full Papers and Short Papers due
  • 1 March: Registration opens on conference website
  • 2 April: Notification of acceptance and feedback to authors
  • 30 May: Preconference Training with Objective Digital (Tobii)
  • 31 May: ETA2012
  • 1 June: ETA2012

Conference Theme

Innovation, Collaboration, and Application. Eye movement research is conducted in a variety of contexts, creating opportunities for cooperation and collaboration between scholars and researchers across disciplines and institutions. This mixture of methodologies, backgrounds, and technologies can create a strong potential for true innovation, true collaboration and quality application. Publications from this conference, and the conference itself, will serve as the initiator for an Australasia-wide network.

General Areas of Interest

  • Cooperation and Collaboration. Lessons learned in conducting eye movement research across multiple institutions, settings, and disciplines.
  • Technological Advances. Innovative uses of existing technology as well as pioneering implementation of new technology in a range of research contexts and disciplines.
  • Eye Tracking Methodologies, Methods, and Applications. Reports of research projects from a range of disciplines.
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation. Key challenges and important discoveries in moving from raw data to findings.
  • Building and Maintaining Research Trajectories. Challenges and opportunities related to situating individual research efforts in a larger research context.

ETA2012 Symposium on EEG and Eye Movement Co-Registration

Significant progress has been made in overcoming many of the technical obstacles to simultaneously gathering brain-electrical (EEG) and eye movement (EM) data under free-viewing conditions. Much of the innovation has taken place in the reading area. Traditionally, EEG studies of reading have employed a rather restrictive paradigm in which words are presented serially in the same location on a screen and the reader is encouraged not to move their eyes. More recently, several research groups have managed to extract reliable event-related potentials time-locked to fixations in EEG-EM paradigms involving natural reading.

The aim of this symposium, part of the inaugural Australian eye tracking conference (ETA2012) organised by CQUniversity Australia, is to bring together researchers in the region who are working on EEG-EM co-registration. Submission topics are not restricted to the area of reading. The symposium will have as a guest speaker, Reinhold Kliegl from the University of Potsdam, who has worked extensively in reading research including EEG-EM co-registration. Additional contributions are now invited from other researchers working in the co-registration field.

This symposium is being chaired by Ronan Reilly, MARCS Auditory Laboratories, University of Western Sydney and Peter de Lissa, Centre for Cognitive Science, Macquarie
University. Dr. Reilly can be reached at: r.reilly@uws.edu.au.

The submission deadline is March 1st, 2012 and guidelines can be found at http://www.cqu.edu.au/eyetrackaustralia. Contributors should indicate on their submission that it is for the EEG-EM symposium.

Pre-Conference Training

On May 30th, the day preceding the conference, conference attendees are invited to attend a separate training event with Objective Digital and an eye tracking expert from Tobii in Sweden. This will be an opportunity to further develop your knowledge and skills in the use of these technologies.


Authors are invited to submit original contributions in the Full Paper format (up to 12 pages) and Short Paper format (up to 4 pages). All papers will undergo a peer review process which will assess originality, quality, and relevance to eye movement research. Submission formats and instructions are available on the conference web site. All papers should be submitted using the conference format template and sent to: eyetrackaustralia@cqu.edu.au

Conference Venue

ETA 2012 will be held at the CQUniversity Australia campus in Noosaville, Queensland, on Australia’s Sunshine Coast.


This conference is co-sponsored by CQUniversity Australia and Objective Eye Tracking, which offers Tobiiproducts throughout Australasia.

Conference Website


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