1st International Mobile Gaze-Based Interaction Challenge (MobiGaze 2013)

I would like to invite you to join the growing community of researchers
discussing and defining tasks, benchmarks and data sets for the upcoming

1st International Mobile Gaze-Based Interaction Challenge (MobiGaze 2013)


What is MobiGaze?

Mobile gaze-based interaction has gained increased interest in recent years with the advent of mobile eye tracking equipment and an increase in portable processing power. The eyes can now be used as an interaction modality in mobile settings, either on their own or complementing other modalities, such as speech or gestures.

Mobile gaze-based interaction requires an interdisciplinary effort, combining the strengths of fields such as computer vision, human-computer-interaction, pervasive computing, as well as psychology and psycholinguistics – just to name a few.

With the MobiGaze challenge, we creating a focal point for these efforts by identifying central research questions and challenges as well as typical tasks and application scenarios and cast the essence into a set of benchmarks that help us to advance research in this emerging field.

We invite you, as part of the community, to participate in the process of defining the challenge.

How can I participate in the MobiGaze effort?

Visit our PANEL DISCUSSION at PETMEI 2012 to meet us in person

Join our MAILINGLIST to participate in the ongoing discussion

View/Bookmark our website

Planned Schedule for MobiGaze 2013

  • September 8th:
    Discussion and refinement of the challenge at PETMEI 2012
  • Fall/Winter 2012:
    Data collection
  • Spring 2013:
    Launch of the MobiGaze challenge
    Data and task descriptions appear on the website
  • Summer 2013:
    Submission of contributions. The challenge will close at some time in Summer 2013. One idea is to have the challenge finals presented at PETMEI 2013.


  • Thies Pfeiffer, Bielefeld University (Germany)
    th[..].pf[..] @uni-bielefeld.de
  • Andreas Bulling, University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)
    an[..].bu[..] @acm.org

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