ECVP 2013: Call for Symposia

Dr. Wegener just posted the call for Symposia for ECVP:

ECVP 2013: Call for Symposia 

The 36th European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP) will take 
place in Bremen, Germany, from August 25th to August 29th 2013.

ECVP features a number of user-organized symposia that provide a
broad, but coherent overview about the state-of-the-art of a given
topic. We highly encourage submissions of symposium proposals until 
December 31st 2012. We particularly also like to motivate young
investigators to take the chance of organizing a symposium at this 
particularly pleasant and important conference.

Symposia will have a total length of 2 hours. Individual talks should 
relate to each other and should be suited to also provoke discussion, 
but number and length of individual talks may be freely chosen. 
Symposia should be introduced by the organizer or another selected 
speaker to motivate both the general framework of the topic and the 
symposium's outline to the audience, and ideally should have a 
summary or prepared discussion at the end. Symposia are particularly 
beneficial if they aim at a diversity of ideas and people and should 
not restrict on single groups or 'schools'.

To keep registration fees at a reasonable and low level, there is
traditionally no extra financial support for symposia. Speakers are 
expected to register as normal participants to the conference. 

If you submit a proposal, please mail to
<> and

1. Organizer's address with affiliation, email and phone number.
2. The title of the proposed symposium and (not more than) one page
   that should clearly state the motivation, the aim and recurrent 
   theme of the symposium. 
3. List of speakers and the topic of contribution, and mention of
   whether they were contacted, have accepted, etc.

All proposals will be reviewed by the program committee. Notification 
of symposium acceptance will be sent by January. You can find 
additional information at

In case of acceptance we will need:

- Summary of symposium (200 words) for use in printed material.
- List of agreed speakers, affiliations, email and mailing
- Temporal structure of the symposium with exact sequence of talks.
  Include time for discussion and questions.
- Abstracts of individual talks (each 200 words)
- Special requests (audio-video, etc.)

Best regards and awaiting many interesting proposals,

ECVP 2013 team,

Udo Ernst | Cathleen Grimsen | Detlef Wegener | Agnes Janssen

Dr. Detlef Wegener
Brain Research Institute
Center for Cognitive Science
University of Bremen
Fon: +49-421-218 63007
Fax: +49-421-218 63012

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