CfP: ET-MM: Workshop on Eye Tracking for Quality of Experience in Multimedia

ET-MM: Workshop on Eye Tracking for Quality of Experience in Multimedia 
June 2, 2020, University of Stuttgart, Germany
co-located with ETRA 2020


Multimedia applications often strive to deliver high perceptual quality to their users. Fundamentally, the perceptual quality of multimedia is the fidelity of multimedia that supports the users in their task objectives. This can vary immensely across individuals and tasks. Nonetheless, there are physiological constraints to human vision and eye tracking provides unprecedented insight into how users seek out and process visual information. This is particularly relevant, but not limited to, visual media such as images and videos. Thus, eye tracking provides a tool to design and evaluate multimedia in a way that accommodates user perception and, hence, improve the use experience. In fact, eye trackers are increasingly integrated into mobile computing systems, from laptops to smartphones to smart TVs. Thus, we expect eye tracking to deepen our understanding of how humans perceive and interact with existing multimedia systems, which could lead to innovative multimedia applications that adapt to their users' gaze. This workshop explores how eye tracking can help to quantify and analyze perceptual aspects of visual multimedia, such as saliency and quality. ET-MM focuses more on data-driven algorithms and technology, including gaze based interfaces for control of multimedia applications. 

We seek contributions on, but not limited to, the following topics:
	* Eye tracking for visual quality and aesthetics prediction.
	* Eye tracking for image and video saliency.
	* Multimedia datasets which include eye tracking information.
	* Impact of quality degradations on gaze paths.
	* Eye tracking based perceptual image/video coding.
	* Eye movement in multimedia learning.
	* Gaze based interfaces and application control.
	* Eye tracking to assess reliability in user studies.
	* Multi-user interaction (but not for games)

Important Dates
	* March 06, 2020  Paper submission deadline.
	* March 19, 2020  Notification of acceptance.
	* April 02, 2020  Camera-ready deadline.

	* SFB-TRR 161 Quantitative Methods for Visual Computing

Dietmar Saupe (University of Konstanz, DE)
Hantao Liu (University of Cardiff, Wales, UK)
Lewis Chuang (LMU Munich, DE)

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