CfP: ETWEB – Eye Tracking for The Web

ETWEB - Eye Tracking for The Web as a co-located event at the ACM Symposium on Eye Tracking Research & Applications, ETRA 2020, June 2-5, 2020 in Stuttgart, Germany.

Important Dates
February 15 - Paper submission
March 10 - Feedback
March 15 - Rebuttals
March 22 - Decisions
April 2 - Camera Ready


The Web offers rich information and services that have considerable impact on our daily lives. Enhancing the usability and the accessibility of Web interaction are relevant areas of research to make the Web more useful for end-users. ETWEB will cover topics that are related to Web (interface semantics extraction, interaction adaptation, etc.) and eye tracking (attention visualization, crowdsourcing, etc.). We particularly welcome submissions that address the following topics with an emphasis on the relationship between eye tracking and the Web:
Web site usability analysis techniques using eye movement data
Standardized metrics for evaluating interactions and usability
Enable usability optimization with eye tracking on highly dynamic Web content
Enhance the user experience in the Web by enabling an easy and complete understanding of a user and her behavior
Understanding eye-tracking data for re-engineering Web pages
Gaze data visualization on Web stimulus
Analyzing Web search and browsing behaviors through gaze pattern
Social media browsing behavior analysis
Correlating mouse clicks and gaze data with Web browsing behavior
Gaze-based Web usability studies via crowdsourcing approaches
Corpus of eye tracking ground truth data on Web pages
Eye tracking interaction techniques to assist people with disabilities
Multimodal interaction with Web (gaze, mouse, voice, touch, EEG, etc.)
Interactive annotation of gaze and Web stimulus data
Techniques to integrate eye gaze as an input element in Web development
Reports of eye tracking studies evaluating Web accessibility and usability

Authors are invited to submit their work complying with the ETRA short and long paper format Long papers (6-8 pages) encourage more matured research with evaluation results. Short papers (2-4 pages) encourage work in progress, demo papers, and also position papers identifying the challenges of gaze-based Web interaction and analysis. References do not count to page limit. Papers should be submitted electronically in PDF format to ETWEB over the ETRA Precision Conference System (PCS) submission system. At least one author of each accepted ETWEB paper must register for the ETRA conference.


Chandan Kumar, University of Koblenz, Germany
Raphael Menges, University of Koblenz, Germany
Yeliz Ye┼čilada, METU Northern Cyprus Campus

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