CfP: 1st Workshop on Eye Tracking Techniques, Applications and Challenges at ICPR2020

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The 1st Workshop on Eye Tracking Techniques, Applications and Challenges (ETTAC 2020) will be held in conjunction with ICPR 2020 (25th International Conference on Pattern Recognition – Milan, Italy, September 13-18, 2020).

Eye tracking technology is becoming more and more widespread nowadays, also thanks to the recent availability of cheap commercial devices. At the same time, novel techniques are constantly pursued to improve the precision of gaze detection, and new ways to fully exploit the potential of eye data are continuously explored. Whatever the considered use context, be it Human-Computer Interaction, user behavior understanding, biometrics, or others, pattern recognition often plays a relevant role.

The purpose of the ETTAC workshop is to present recent eye tracking research that directly or indirectly exploits any form of pattern recognition. The event’s scope includes (but is not limited to) the following topics:

  • Gaze detection techniques and devices
  • Gaze-based human-computer interaction (assistive technologies, hybrid interfaces, etc.)
  • Eye tracking for usability inspection
  • Eye tracking in VR/AR applications
  • User behavior understanding from eye data
  • Eye movement analysis for biometrics, security and privacy
  • Eye tracking in medicine and health care
  • Visualization of gaze data

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